One Paragraph Program Summary Which Includes

  • One sentence overview (mission/vision)
  • The student population it serves: all students? some students? low income students? GATE learners?
  • How often the program takes place
  • How long the program has been serving the school
  • Why is the program important? (how does it enrich the lives of our students or provide vital services?)

Write this as a narrative paragraph, not as bullet points

Paragraph about what kids actually do as part of this program.  Give specific examples!

Who are the adults involved and what do they do?  How do they participate?

Is this program run or sponsored by an external organization?  What is that organization like?  How long has it been around?  Is it national? local?  Does the school pay for it? What awards has this program won?

Make sure you add a link to the parent organization website!

How can parents help out?  Can they volunteer?  Is the program taking donations of materials (art supplies? kleenex?  etc?)  Does it need parent chaperones for events?  Does it accept fundraising $, or is it supported through PTA funds? (create a link to PTA donation website then).


If this is an optional program, how do parents sign up their kids? Are there any requirements for students signing up (a physical, age, certain income qualifications?)  How long does it take to process the registration?  Are there any deadlines for registration, or does the program accept students on a rolling basis?

Family Responsibilities

  • Costume/Materials Suggested Donation?
  • Suggested Supplies List?
  • Attending Performances?
  • Time Commitment? (weekly rehearsals? extra student work, etc?)


Options for this area include

  • Use a text element to type out the schedule
  • Embed a google calendar
  • Use an events feed and create event listings

If you are going to add a pdf, you will need to use at least 1 of these other options for accessibility legal requirements

Person Name

Coordinator Title

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