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Our Mission: The Novato Unified School District is an innovative and effective education system that provides diverse academic experiences to meet individual student needs, and challenges students to realize their educational potential.

Our Vision: The Novato Unified School District is committed to providing an educational experience that will: · ensure students possess academic and technical knowledge to enter successful careers and post-secondary experiences. · prepare all students to be successful, responsible, and productive citizens and leaders in a diverse and global society · encourage students to embrace a variety of learning opportunities throughout their lifetime · provide students with tools to unlock their full potential The Novato Unified School District will exemplify excellence in education by ensuring high quality, innovative instruction and equitable access to learning opportunities that inspire and prepare students to reach their utmost success.





UC BERKELEY (Once a Bear, Always a Bear!)

Dear Loma Verde Parents and Families,

On behalf of our teachers and staff, I want to welcome you to a new school year at Loma Verde! Whether you’re new to the Loma Verde family or have been part of it for years, you are vital to our success. I so look forward to meeting you, and working together with you to ensure that each student’s educational needs are met as we set them on the path to realizing their full potential.

Loma Verde Staff Transitions

I’m delighted to welcome Mrs. Briana Murcia who will be joining our fifth grade team. Mrs. Murcia has been teaching at Rancho Elementary for three years.  In addition, Mrs. Lisa Harris will be taking over as our new office tech.

New Curriculum

In the upcoming school year, Novato Unified will be implementing a new English Language Arts curriculum called Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Teaching Reading. Last year’s auction Fund a Need was to raise money for a social emotional curriculum. With the support of our generous PTO,  we purchased a Second Step Kit for each classroom and will be implementing the program school wide.

Theme for 2018-2019 – I am Loma Verde; We are Loma Verde

As many of you know, we set a theme for each school year. This overarching theme serves as a way to provide coherence and clarity to all our work during the year especially with all the changes each school year brings.  We’re an amazing school — with a thriving community of students and adults who contribute with a diverse range of interests, skills, and experiences. We are united by the depth of our relationships and our drive for excellence. We are many, but together We Are Loma Verde. This year’s theme is to develop the strengths of each individual (I am Loma Verde) in order to build a stronger community (We are Loma Verde).

This is my 14th year at Loma Verde, and my fourth as Principal. I am thrilled to continue the work of educating our children, and I am confident we will have a bright school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school, or your student’s teacher. I am grateful for all your support for our school and most importantly for our wonderful students.


Tehniat Cheema


Loma Verde Elementary School

Loma Verde Elementary

  • 399 Alameda de la Loma,
    Novato, CA, 94947
  • (415) 883-4681
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