In order for Loma Verde to continue to get uninterrupted funds, Escrip asks each family to RENEW EACH YEAR. Unfortunately records indicate that as of Nov. 1st, 63% of Loma Verde supporters were not renewed and now have stopped earning, even though they are still shopping.

As you know, Safeway and its affiliates contribute about 2 – 5% of your shopping totals to our school. On a typical year, Loma Verde can expect to get donations exceeding $2500 per year from families like you just by doing their shopping at Safeway, Paradise and Dining affiliates as well as online vendors via Sadly, if we do not get your Renewals or Sign Ups soon, we will no longer receive these funds for our school.

*You can be renew at ANYTIME – IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! Once you renew, your Safeway contributions will resume immediately. Lastly, pay any way you choose, except one… Effective November 1, 2013, you may earn from Safeway using any form of payment EXCEPT credit cards. See for more details.

Click Here for the form to Sign up or Renew. Just fill it out and return it to the office or sign up online! (Spanish Form)

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